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Le Dejeuner sur l"Herbe

‘ Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe ‘ a project by Thalen & Thalen, inspired by the magnificent painting of Manet of 1863, or Monet’s version from 1865,  now translated into the 21 first century. Where Manet’s painting was a statement and Monet’s version a celebrities outing into the woods and in later years J.Seward Johnsons version was a social event, we added a dimension or two to the intimate scenery of the original painting.

What is better than looking at the scenery of a painting... yes, be part of it.  At our table we have every time changing participants. We work with some of the most creative chefs and moreover our project moves across the planet. You might find our table one day at a beach setting and the next time at the 91 st. floor of a high-rise to find it at a following occasion in an abandoned warehouse... or in a museum setting. One thing is for sure the events will leave an unforgettable impression.


some facts:

- table length 6,5 meters  (over 21 ft.)

- table built in stainless steel, carbon fibre and cow hides...

- over 160 silver table elements (all created in fine silver 999/000)

- seats 12 participants




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