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Etched beaker project


We created an every day beaker in the right proportions, smooth on the outside and with subtile rings on the inside. We will create only 99 copies, but each beaker is unique... we added original design sketches ..  Every beakers is hand etched and numbered.

It needs no mentioning that also these little artworks are created of fine silver 999/000. Each beaker weighs a solid 190 grams, has a diameter of 7 cm and is 10 cm heigh.

For these beakers we made a photo-shoot at the ateliers of Visser Chocolade in The Netherlands as well as a photo-shoot in the presentation room of Goedmakers Winery .

"99 beakers" at Visser Chocolade, The Netherlands

More wonderful chocolate creations with our etched beakers

At the WineGoedmakers tasting facility


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