Touchable too

We are a little lost ...
A sense and not only, or perhaps the physica lsense o ftouching silver. Where we usedto touchthe teaspoons of grandma every Sunday and follow our finger along the surface of the image, we now have spoons in all sorts of materials from stainless steel to plastic ...
Maybe a bit exaggerated, but visiting a museum, what can you still touch? Of course some parts of a collection are fragile and by touching a high risk occurs of (further) damage.
A disadvantage of this approach is that the sensation of touching is lost ..

In our quest to use silver as material to shape our forms we try to achieve the tactile element to play a major role. Our search in this case is about erosion. Landscapes that have been eroded by the elements. What takes place out there in nature, we try to bring back in the surface structure of our objects . Objects, which as it were, built up by these elements. Curved by the wind, achieving a delicate balance. Shapes that, unlike images, are intended to touch. With your fingers along the fine silver traces, to explore the surface tension and eventually fall a little bit in love ...
"Touchable" name and invitation!

Touchable too is created in fine silver 999/000, weighs 59 ounces and has dimensions of 15 x 9,4 x 8,7 inches.


touchable touchable touchable


touchable touchable




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