"Theatre for Bonbons"

“Bonbon tres luxury”. What happens if the value of something becomes grotesque. Is that the little dog with a collar full of diamonds? Or does it happen when we buy some incredible nice chocolates that we do not dare to eat?
This we asked ourselves when we decided to build a “container” where something really good can be stored. The front was made of fine silver 999 ‰ and refers to the “bidonvilles” (shanty town) as a warning.
We have “built” a window to look inside and see what is present .... Sometimes the object is empty and you’ll come face to face with yourself.

The use of transparency, challenges the user to give colourful objects for safekeeping. “Bonbon tres luxe” is a luxury item that will show patina by its use and again and again challenges to the use of coloured items, but it will also ask the user to face himself in the reflection of the interior.

dimensions 7,6 x 6 x 5,5 inches



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