Mega bowl

Looking for the limits of what is possible in contemporary silver objects, we decided to make a serie of bowls in fine silver.... in a size that exceeds every possible imagination...

After a long search we found a way to create fine silver 999/000 objects on a very large scale.
The starting point for this project is a large 15 kilo sheet of fine silver with dimensions of one square meter and a thickness of 1.5 mm ...

With this as a base we will create a number of large and high bowls, for which we find inspiration in two very different directions. First, there are influences of Roman amphoras and secondly, they refer to wide open landscapes, eroded and attacked by the sun and wind. From the flat silver sheet, we design, raise and “pull” the object into the final result. A process that takes many hundreds of thousands hammer blows from our highly polished hammers. During this process, the silver plate needs to be annealed and cooled many times to make the silver pliable again.During the hammering process the dimensions of the silver sheet will increase more than 35%. At the top of some of the objects the diameter will be less than twenty centimeters. All these changes in the material take place only by our hammering process. No cutting or welding techniques will be used to shape the objects.

Some of the creations will be provided with a “cut out” text that the personal story of each object reflects.
All the objects will have this “silky” touch, so typical for the use of fine silver.

Of course, all our works will be marked with the famous silver stamps, guarantee for quality and origin and an important “tracing possibility” for collectors.

MegaBowl 1 weighs some 460 ounces and has dimensions of 22,5 x 14 x 16 inches



Thalen & Thalen megabowl Thalen & Thalen megabowl Thalen & Thalen megabowl


Thalen & Thalen megabowl Thalen & Thalen megabowl Thalen & Thalen megabowl





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