"Sauvage necklace"

The little sauvage collection (three objects) was created in 2010 for a special exhibit of "sauvage" (wild) jewellery.

Sauvage necklace is a more "regular" jewellery object with diamonds at the end of four pins that penetrate the ball-end shaped cylinder. At the top end of the cylinder we also imbedded diamonds. In this object we totally placed 20 diamonds. Sauvage necklace is designed to cause some conversation with the people surrounding you....

The wild part ..... you ask? Papua tribes in New Guinea use these kinds of shapes to cover their very intimate part...

Sauvage necklace is made of Sterling silver 925/000, with a black patina, contains 20 diamonds, weighs aprox 1,1 ounces and has dimensions of 1,5 x 4 x 1,5 inches



Thalen & Thale sauvage Thalen & Thalen sauvage Thalen & Thalen sauvage




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