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In a number of countries, fine silver 999/000 is still considered as a currency...

To us, silver is the ultimate material to create shapes, objects, works of art.

In a world dominated by short life cycles and recycling, we deliver creations that last.

Experiencing silver.


Our quest started from the feeling that we want to be surrounded by objects that have such a quality that it is a pleasure to be accompanied by them throughout our lives.

To some, this may sound odd in times where a new crisis (in whichever way) is always just around the corner, but we think that, the way we will evaluate our life will be counted by the things that make it worthwhile. People, memories and objects that have a place in our heart.


And we, we are those artists who translate our love for fine silver, into creations that reflect our passion and personality and that invite you to be part of your life.


Pure is one of the words we are guided by. Purity in material and our way of expression. We do not look for the perfect mirrored surface that reflects the area around the object. We are looking for shapes that invite to be touched. Simple shapes in exiting proportions.  Shapes that are both very small or indeed, very large.

Shapes that are awe-inspiring.


From a technical point of view, we always look for ways of creating our works from one single sheet of silver. We avoid joints unless

absolutely necessary.

It may seem that this approach could limit the freedom of creating shapes, but in reality, it is a challenge to enter into communication with the material and explore the boundaries of what is possible.

And when we reach those limits, we show them, out of respect for that material.


Silver, we don't stop talking about......


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